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Fort 4 Fitness will close many roads on south side

Fort Wayne’s annual Fort4Fitness is Saturday which means traffic on the south side of the city will be slowed.

Drivers in the areas of Southwood Park, Oak Park, Old Mill and Foster Park should use extra caution while out on the road tomorrow because of slowed vehicle traffic, detours and extra foot traffic.

The roads will close at 5:30 a.m. Saturday and will reopen once the last runner passes.

The Fort Wayne Police says all roads will be back open by 1:00 p.m. Saturday.

  • Calhoun Street from Douglas Street to Tillman Road
  • Brackenridge, Douglas and Baker streets from Calhoun Street to Fairfield Avenue
  • Tillman Road from Calhoun Street to Fairfield Avenue
  • Old Mill Road from Rudisill Boulevard to Old Farm Circle
  • Old Farm Circle from Old Mill Road to South Wayne Avenue
  • South Wayne Avenue from Old Farm Circle to Beechwood
  • Hoagland Avenue from Pontiac Street to Bass Street
  • Rudisill Boulevard from Indiana Avenue to Fairfield Avenue
  • Oakdale Drive from South Wayne Avenue to Indiana Avenue
  • Indiana Avenue from Oakdale Drive to Kinnaird Avenue
  • Fairfield Avenue from Taylor Street to Baker Street
  • Oakdale Drive from Calhoun Avenue to Hoagland Avenue
  • Pettit Street from Stratford Road to South Wayne Avenue

The Foster Park Golf Course is also closed.