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PFW Seniors Blazing A Trail With Full Package Trail App

Credit Courtesy/Max Fowler
Faculty project leader, Max Fowler says, "Let the beta testing begin."

Thanks to the city's partnership with PFW's Senior Capstone Course, a full package Trail App for the Fort Wayne area's more than one hundred mile network has been developed, and is ready for beta testing.

After thousands of hours of work, 2017-2018 Capstone Team members Brandon Young, Connor Julian, Andrea Moorman, and Bailey Whitehill have advanced the trail tracker app to a point of testing, and incoming seniors in the program will have the chance to add anything this year's team has included in their final wish list.

Andrea Moorman notes that this projectt has had a huge impact on her life.

For a look at how the whole project came together, and who it will benefit, WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with faculty leader, Max Fowler, and team member, Andrea Moorman to discuss the app's features, functions and future potential.

You can stay connected with all area trail news at the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and Fort Wayne Trails websites.

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