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Fort Wayne Author Paves Way To City's Past

Credit Courtesy/Joshua Schipper
Courtesy/Joshua Schipper

Thanks to local freelance reporter Joshua Schipper, the city's rich heritage can be enjoyed block by block, in his new book called Crossroads of History: Paving through Fort Wayne's Streets.

Citing his own curiosity as a youth growing up on the east side of town as the genesis for his adventure, Schipper readily admits that unearthing the transcription of a speech made by Angus C. McCoy in 1945 at the annual Quest Club meeting was the catalyst that would eventually give form to his own studies.

For a glimpse at the exact route this adventure took, WBOI's Julia Meek invited Joshua into the studio to discuss his extensive research process as well as the format he embraced, and where he hopes that the resulting "journey through time" will lead its readers.

You can connect with Schipper and access his book at the Fort Wayne Roads Commission page.

Copies of "Crossroads of History" are available locally at Visit Fort Wayne or order directly through Amazon.

A Fort Wayne native, Julia is a radio host, graphic artist, and community volunteer, who has contributed to NIPR both on- and off-air for forty years. Besides being WBOI's arts & culture reporter, she currently co-produces and hosts Folktales and Meet the Music.
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