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WBOI Presents: In Session Episode 003 Media Literacy

Kristin Miller
Kristin Miller, Assistant Professor of Public Relations at the University of Saint Francis


On this episode of WBOI Presents: In Session, we are joined by Kristin Miller from the University of Saint Francis. Our conversation focused on the topic of media literacy. Where did this podcast come from? Who is responsible for the media we consume? What reaction are they trying to get from us or how are they trying to make us feel? We'll dive into media consumption, including but not limited to the news you hear and the podcasts you find on Thank you for listening.

Our theme music is by Noah Campodonico. Sound effects are by John Dawkins. Additional audio was provided by Joe De Luna and Mollie Shutt. Our intern is Brandon Williams. You can find other episodes of WBOI Presents: In Session here.