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WBOI Presents: In Session Episode 007 History

Tom Castaldi
Tom Castaldi, Host of On the Heritage Trail on 89.1 WBOI

On this episode of WBOI Presents: In Session, we are joined by Tom Castaldi, host of On the Heritage Trail on 89.1 WBOI. Our conversation focused on history. How did Fort Wayne’s three rivers form? How did the rivers impact the development of this area? Who are some of the major players from our region’s history who fought over territory in present day northeast Indiana? An extended journey On the Heritage Trail leads off the second season of WBOI Presents: In Session. 

Our theme music is by Noah Campodonico. Sound effects are by John Dawkins. Our web producer is Loyal Vandenburg. Additional audio comes from Caleb Meyer. You can find other episodes of WBOI Presents: In Session here.