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Science Central's Martin Fisher Talks Science Education and "The Weekly Experiment"

Last Saturday, May 23rd, WBOI's local segment, The Weekly Experiment, aired its milestone 200th episode.

The man behind it is Martin Fisher, the executive director of Science Central, who gets production help from Rob Martinez.

Each week, Fisher explores a different scientific idea, and then invites listeners to try an experiment at home that illustrates the core concept.

WBOI’s Sean Bueter invited Fisher to join him to celebrate the 200th episode with an interview about The Weekly Experiment, and to get some of his thoughts on science education.

Sean started by asking him how he comes up with the experiments he features at the end of each segment.

You can hear The Weekly Experiment each Saturday at 3:00 p.m. on 89.1 WBOI. 

For more on Science Central, check out its website.