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Cost of Thanksgiving Meal Drops in Indiana, Rises Nationwide

American Farm Bureau Federation

Your traditional Thanksgiving dinner may be a little less expensive this year.

According to the Indiana Farm Bureau, the average cost of a Turkey Day meal for ten Hoosiers is down to $46.93, the second year in a row the price has dropped.

The Indiana total is also lower than the national average of $49.41, released by the American Farm Bureau Federation Thursday.

Among the biggest price drops this year for Hoosiers is for the turkey itself, which has come down nearly 20 percent in price over the last two years. Cranberries and stuffing also saw discounts, while sweet potatoes got more expensive.

But when it comes to what affects the overall price of the meal, Kathleen Dutro with the Indiana Farm Bureau says you’re really just talking about the bird.

“The price of the Thanksgiving market basket pretty much depends on what happens to the price of turkey because that’s the centerpiece of the meal and that’s also by far the most expensive item on the menu,” Dutro said. “And turkey went down [in Indiana], and that’s why the overall market basket went down.”

Dutro says shoppers who find sales may be able to beat Farm Bureau’s estimates, since survey participants were told to look for the best possible prices without using coupons or special offers.

The Indiana Farm Bureau has conducted the non-scientific Thanksgiving price survey each year since 1993.