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Hoosier Unemployment Rate Lower Last Month, But...

State of Indiana

Indiana’s unemployment rate fell in March to its lowest level in five months, but the state’s private sector also lost jobs last month.

The Hoosier unemployment rate fell one tenth of a percent to 5.8 percent in March, the second month in a row the rate went down. 

But that drop may not be good news: the state’s private sector lost 800 jobs last month, fueled by huge losses – more than 5,000 – in the professional and business services sector. 

So, despite the decrease, the unemployment rate still went down because of a drop in what’s called the labor force participation rate, meaning fewer Hoosiers reported looking for a job. 

Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Steven Braun says Indiana economic indicators remain largely positive and notes the state’s labor force participation has been above the national average for a year.

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