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Indiana Could Allow Microbreweries to Sell Beer At Farmer's Markets

The Indiana legislature is considering a bill that would allow microbreweries to sell beer at Indiana farmer’s markets. The bill proposes that Indiana microbreweries would be able to sell beer for off-site consumption at local farmer’s markets.

Under the bill, tastings would not be allowed. Republican State Senator Ron Alting of Lafayette who authored the bill says that’s because the legislature wants to maintain farmer’s markets as family-friendly environments.  

Alting says the unanimous vote in the committee is a good sign for the bill. “I think this bill will clear both chambers and will be on the governor’s desk very soon, probably by the end of February.”  

Adam McGlothlin works in marketing for Big Woods and Quaff N Breweries in Nashville, and says being able to sell their product at local farmer’s markets would be huge for their brand. McGlothlin says “what it does for us is allows us to get our beer out in the market to people that might not necessarily see it otherwise. And it also allows us to be part of that local flavor.” 

If the bill passes, individual farmer’s markets would still decide whether to allow beer sales. The bill unanimously passed the committee stage yesterday and could go to the House and Senate floors next week.