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Rain Continues, City Works to Prevent Flood Damage

Continuing rainfall in Northeast Indiana isn’t expected to let up any time soon, causing pockets of flooding. 

Crews and volunteers worked through the night Tuesday filling sandbags and  constructing temporary levees to help protect property. A number of parks around  the community are flooded and closed as well. 

The weather front causing the rainfall just keeps moving back and forth across the  region, according to Lonnie Fisher, meteorologist for the National Weather  Service. He says the amount of tropical moisture that we’ve had so early in the  season is somewhat unusual. 

Although there may be a lull in rainfall around Friday night, Fisher says that’s not  enough time for the area to dry up and reduce flooding. "And with there being so much water running into the rivers, it can take a day or  even two for everything to run off,” he says.

Fisher says the next big system is moving in by the weekend, but the three month  summer outlook predicts an average amount of rainfall overall. 

Fisher reminds people to be safe, and avoid crossing or driving through flooded  areas.

Sand remains available to residents wanting to protect their property. The sand and empty bags are available at Portage Middle School, 3521 Taylor Street, and at the Southwest Conservation Club, 5703 Bluffton Road.   Residents will need a shovel to fill the bags.