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Children's Zoo Ending 2015 Regular Season

Zach Bernard, WBOI News

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is enjoying larger than usual attendance numbers for early October, but the grounds will be much quieter starting next week.

The zoo will hold its final day of the regular season this Sunday, October 11, before closing down for the cooler months.

The zoo celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and welcomed new baby animals for viewing during the season, all attributing to another successful year in attendance.

Communications Assistant for the Children’s Zoo Jessica Brita-Segyde says despite the closing, animals will remain at the zoo, and employees will stay busy.

“Day-to-day, life for our zookeepers and our animals doesn’t change a whole lot right when we close,” said Brita-Segyde. “But the big change is, come October 12, which is Monday, we’re going to start decorating for Wild Zoo Halloween, and so in that way our jobs will change quite a bit.”

Wild Zoo Halloween will be held during the final three weekends in October until Halloween night. The zoo is also planning to hold breakfast and lunch with Santa along with winter break camps during the holiday season.

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