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Allen County Democrats Elect Interim City Clerk

Zach Bernard/WBOI News

While Republican Lana Keesling won Tuesday’s election to become Fort Wayne’s next City Clerk, she doesn’t begin serving until January 1.

The Allen County Democratic Party held a caucus Sunday to choose the person who would take over the job over the next 45 days following Angie Davis’s resignation in October.

Voters who came out for the special election chose Michelle Chambers.

Chambers ran for Council at Large in this year’s election, and was the top vote-getter for the Democratic Party, but it wasn’t enough to defeat the three Republicans who swept the seats.

“I just want to make sure for the next 45 days that we are running the City Clerk’s office as efficiently and as effectively as we’re supposed to be doing, and just make sure that everything goes smooth sailing these next 45 days,” said Chambers.

Chambers says she plans to use this interim term as a base for a 2019 run for political office.

Mayor Tom Henry was also on hand for the election.

He says he believes Chambers can help the Democratic Party move on from recent controversies in the City Clerk’s office and finish this current term on a high note.

“Unfortunately she’ll only have a few days in that position, but I think because of her integrity, her credibility, her intelligence that things will calm down considerably before the new City Clerk steps in,” Henry said.

Mayor Henry says he believes sitting in on City Council meetings and being a presence during her term will give her experience for the 2019 election.

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