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Northwest Ohio Company Makes Nearly Half Of U.S. Candy Canes

"Candy cane on tree" by Matt Reinbold - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
The stripes on a Spangler candy cane are made by hand.

Spangler Candy Company is headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, about 50 miles from Fort Wayne. Spangler is known for making candy canes that are sold all around the world, but the company started out in 1906 making baking soda and laundry starch.

Two years later the company added candy, and in 1954 it bought A-Z Candy Company in Detroit, which was reported to be the largest candy cane maker in the country.

In this week’s segment of NorthEATS Indiana, WBOI’s Lisa Ryan talks to Spangler’s director of communications Diana Eschhofen to find out more about the company’s holiday treats.

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