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Uber Can Now Pick Up Passengers From Fort Wayne Airport

Wikimedia Commons

Anyone can drop someone off at the airport, but drivers need a permit to pick people up. As of Tuesday the ridesharing company Uber is authorized to pick up passengers from Fort Wayne International Airport.

Scott Hinderman is the director of airports for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority, and he says an increase in transportation options should improve customer service.

“Whenever there’s multiple options, everyone seems to get better,” he said. “The level of service improves because there is competition.”

Uber is an app for smartphones that people can use to have a driver pick them up. It’s similar to a taxi, but Hinderman says some people prefer the technology.

“Uber has some really neat conveniences,” he said. “You can land and before you even get to the front of the airport, you pull up the Uber app on your smartphone and you say hey there’s one, and it will be here in five minutes, so you just walk through the terminal building, you’re in.”

Uber just started offering its services in Fort Wayne last year. Hinderman says it applied for the permit in November.

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