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University Of Saint Francis Launches Student-Run Record Label

Araceli Gomez-Aldana

The University of Saint Francis announced the launch of its new student-run music label. The new music venture aims to give students a real life look at the music industry. 

The program combines efforts between students enrolled in USF’s Media Entrepreneurship Training in the Arts program (META) and in the Music Technology program.

Students will work in USF’s new Music Technology Center located in downtown Fort Wayne. Their responsibilities will include developing a business plan, scouting musical talent and developing a marketing strategy.

USF’s faculty says this new venture was generated by student interest. In a news conference on Wednesday, Music Department Chair Miles Fulwider expressed how the City of Fort Wayne will benefit from this new project.

“For the community here, the majority of our students are from this region, and so this is something for them to be involved in. The skills and the acumen that are developed through something like this are skills they can take with them. As they go out professionally this can be something they look back on fondly and that is something they did in Fort Wayne and that is powerful,” Fulwider says.

Fulwider also explained how the student-run music label will work.

“We give them a little of the foundation and some of the concepts and ideas and then we let them flush that out. And we are a bit of that sounding board you know ourselves being faculty but also some of the outside professionals that will be involved.”

Rob Mathes is also joining the new project. Mathes is a producer, composer and music director. He has won Emmy, Grammy, Tony and Drama Desk awards. Mathes has worked for Sting, Panic at The Disco, Yo Yo Ma, Bruce Springsteen, and U2 among others.

Fulwider says the music label is looking for all kinds of artist and anyone can submit work for review.

“We are looking at singer songwriters, djs, or bands of any genre. We are open. It’s a matter of us looking at what people have to offer and seeing what fits with our skill set.”

After an artist is selected the students will begin producing and promoting the music album. The music label will premiere its album at an artist launch party this upcoming Spring semester.

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