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Attorney General’s Mobile Operations Center Helps Hoosiers Freeze Credit

Araceli Gomez-Aldana

The Office of the Attorney General’s Mobile Operations Center traveled to various counties Monday and Tuesday helping Hoosiers freeze their credit in the wake of the recent security breach at credit reporting agency Equifax.



The goal of the Mobile Operations Centers is to travel to every Indiana county and help residents access the services provided by the Office of the Attorney General in person. Since May, the office says it has visited more than 75 counties and returned more than $580,000 in unclaimed money.

Recently, the Office of the Attorney General is offering residents credit or security freezes.


According to the Office of the Attorney General, over 3.8 million Hoosiers were affected by the recent Equifax security breach.


Communication Director for the Office of the Attorney General, Jeremy Brilliant, says they are encouraging Hoosiers to freeze their credit, even if they weren’t affected by this particular breach.


“Really no one is immune to this, no company. And since all of us even if we don’t personally do our business online the businesses we work with do business online. So our information is out there.


Brilliant says when you freeze your credit it prevents anyone from opening up a loan under your name, including you. He suggests not freezing your credit if you will be taking out a loan soon.


Brilliant said he wants to inform Hoosiers that Indiana is one of the few states where you can freeze your credit for free. You should not have to pay for this service anywhere.


To find out if you were affected by the security breach, you can visit the Equifax website and enter their portal to see if your information was compromised.


For more information visit the Office of the Attorney General.