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Allen County Confirms Seven Flu-Related Deaths

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Allen County Department of Health confirmed seven flu-related deaths this week and they are investigating additional cases. The department tracks influenza deaths by county of residence. 

According to officials, flu season tends to peak during January. So far this season the Indiana State Department of Health has confirmed 79 flu related deaths. Most fatalities are individuals 50 years or older.

With seven deaths confirmed in Allen County, Fort Wayne-Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deb McMahan says there is still time to take preventative measures.

“People might think that it’s too late or the worst is over so I don’t need to get the flu shot again it’s the best protection that we have. Seven deaths may seems like a small number but its 100 percent for those people and their families, ” said Dr. McMahan.

By this time last year, three flu-related deaths were reported and Allen County confirmed 15 influenza deaths total. As January comes to an end Dr. McMahan says hospitals are seeing a slight down trend in patient visits.

“I think they’re still very busy, I think they’re still a lot of on going transmissions but it does seem like maybe we did peak a week or two ago but again it’s too early to tell,” added Dr. McMahan.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health Marion, Hamilton, Shelby, and St. Joseph Counties have also confirmed between 5 and 7 deaths so far.