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Influenza Hit Allen County Hardest So Far

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Indiana State Department of Health released their week six Influenza Activity Report Friday. Allen County has 17 confirmed influenza-associated deaths this season, the highest number of fatalities in the state. 

Marion County reported 16 flu-related deaths and Hamilton County reported 10. Reports show most deaths were individuals 65 years or older. That age group saw a jump of 22 deaths in the last week, bringing that total number to 150.

In a Feb. 9 press release, Indiana State Health Commissioner Kris Box said, “This is a severe flu season, and unfortunately there are no signs that it has peaked yet.”

During this time last year, the department reported 13 flu-related deaths statewide.

Erika Pitcher is the Director of Community Health and Case Management for the Fort Wayne-Allen County Department of Health. She says the flu shot can still give you some protection throughout the rest of the flu season.

“We are seeing widespread flu activity still. Initially we were seeing a lot of Influenza A, here recently we’ve been seeing a lot of influenza B," Pitcher said.

"And I think it’s important to remember that you can be infected with different strains of the flu. So if you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet it’s not too late to get it.”