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PFW Creates New Partnership With Local High School Teachers

Araceli Gomez-Aldana

Purdue University Fort Wayne has partnered with Northwest Allen County Schools and Southwest Allen County Schools for the new Professors in Partnership program. 

This is the first time for this type of collaboration. The partnership teams up 15 PFW professors with high school teachers at Carroll and Homestead high schools. Together they create and teach lessons for high school students.

Professors in Partnership Director Laura Link says the collaborative teaching program was developed by PFW’s Dean Council.

Brian Booker teaches biology at Carroll and he is co-teaching with Bruce Kingsbury, professor of Biology at PFW.

Booker says he tells his students school is more than memorizing material.

“With Bruce’s topic we are doing an ecology unit. And to get something in with some real world ties before finals is always something good for the students to keep them excited about what’s going on,” said Booker.

Kingsbury adds anyone can learn about these topics, regardless of grade level.

“The student get to see how biology can be applied. Many of them will be familiar with medicine or something similar but there are so many areas that they might not even know about,” said Kingsbury.

One of the program’s focuses is to help students envision themselves going to college.

Merah Catic is a senior at Carroll and he says having a professor teach his class is a unique experience and hopes it will prepare him for next year.

“I think it will help but yeah I’m nervous about college, just because I think it will be a different environment for sure,” said Catic.

There are plans to expand the partnership by adding East Allen County Schools and middle school teachers.

Credit Araceli Gomez-Aldana
Carroll High School students take in Professor Kingsbury's lesson.