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Margaux's Microphone: Ruth Bown

Margaux Pintelon

 This week on WBOI, we’re featuring the voices of several international students from Purdue University Fort Wayne.

They’re part of a series called “Margaux’s Microphone,” an idea that came together after Belgian exchange student Margaux Pintelon approached WBOI earlier this fall about volunteering at the station.

So, we gave Margaux a recorder, and asked her to interview other exchange students about their experiences in Fort Wayne.

In this segment, Margaux talks with Ruth Bowen, who is from England.  In their conversation Ruth discusses the people, the coffee, and of course, the driving.


When asked what song she would like to share with WBOI listeners, Ruth selected "Auld Lang Syne," a very traditional English song that can now frequently heard in the U.S. this time of year.