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WBOI Presents: May News Roundup 2019

Taylor University, Eric Harbig, Wikicommons, Noblesville Schools

Our May news coverage included a primary election, graduation controversy and, being Indiana, some auto racing.

We opened our monthly news roundup with a look at a legal challenge over Fort Wayne's Pay-to-Play city ordinance.

Credit Rebecca Green / WBOI

The ordinance's future is in jeapordy, as it awaits an Allen Superior Court judge's order as to whether it will be allowed to stand. Judge Jennifer DeGroote heard arguments on the ordinance in early May.

WBOI Presents producer Ben Clemmer spent some time catching up with Zach Bernard in the studio, looking back on Fort Wayne's new spot in the list of America's most populous cities, and an update from city government.

WBOI producer and host Ben Clemmer talked with WBOI's Zach Bernard about all that was going on in Fort Wayne city government.

Indiana's municipal elections are held this year and May saw the primary contests. For many of the smaller communities, the primaries can be the only contested election in which they have a chance to vote. 

Indiana politics expert Andy Downs sat down with WBOI News Director Rebecca Green to wrap up the May primary election results.
Credit Rebecca Green / WBOI

We talked with now-regular contributor Andy Downs of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue-Fort Wayne about the results of Fort Wayne's mayoral primary and some of the more interesting primary races around northeast Indiana.

As graduation season winds down, we revist a postcard from WBOI's Barb Anguiano, who covered Vice President, and former Indiana governor, Mike Pence's visit to Taylor University. The small evangelical college south of Fort Wayne hosted Pence as its commencement speaker, a move that drew immediate and heated reaction on both sides from students, faculty and alumni.

Just over a year ago, a 13-year-old student at Noblesville West Middle School fired on his fellow classmates, injuring a student and a teacher.

WBOI's Ben Clemmer talked with IPB's Carter Barrett about the Noblesville West Middle School shooting and changes to state laws since the May 2018 incident.

Credit (Courtesy Noblesville Schools)

The student is currently at a juvenile detention center. We wanted to take a look at how Indiana is dealing with the threat of school violence, and Indiana Public Broadcasting's Carter Barrett spoke with Ben Clemmer about the case and changes to Indiana's laws.

In May, the U.S. Department of Justice and the City of Fort Wayne hosted a seminar on protecting houses of worship. The training comes amid the rise in hate crimes, anti-semitism, and shootings at churches and synagogues. WBOI's Zach Bernard covered the story.

WBOI Reporter Barb Anguiano spent the Memorial Day weekend in Indianapolis, covering the Indianapolis 500. 

Indianapolis 500 audio postcard

We wrap up WBOI Presents' May News Roundup with a feature from our own Julia Meek on local authors Keith Elchert and Laura Weston. She talked with them about their latest book: Classic Restaurants of Fort Wayne.