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Despite shifting business focus, all of Eli Lilly's Russia-based employees remain employed

Lauren Chapman
IPB News
All employees of Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly remain employed, the company said.

Indianapolis-based pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly last week said it was shifting its business focus in Russia, but all 167 employees there remain employed.

The drug maker says it has suspended all investments, promotional activities, and new clinical trials as well as exports of non-essential medications to Russia after the country invaded Ukraine.

The company’s Russian website,, remains functional.

Many of Lilly’s medications will remain in Russia. It classifies essential medications as those that treat “serious and life-threatening health conditions as well as helping children in any way.”

However, medicines like Cialis, which treats erectile dysfunction, are deemed non-essential.

The drug maker says any profits it receives from Russia will be donated to organizations dedicated to humanitarian relief.

Brock Turner