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Supreme Court ruling draws protests downtown

Rebecca Green
Protestors began gathering Friday evening after the U.S. Supreme Court effectively eliminated a person's right to abortion.

Before hundreds of protestors showed up at the Allen County Courthouse Saturday, a dozen started the action on Friday evening.

The small group of protestors stood along Clinton Street with handmade signs expressing outrage at the Supreme Court ruling Friday that effectively overturned a woman’s right to abortion.

Maygan Upchurch was shocked.

"I never actually believed that this would happen," Upchurch said. "And I worked for a local hospital where I see cases of children every day through DCS that people have discarded, abused. It doesn't make sense to me. And I feel like this is just a small step towards something else, way bigger than just taking away abortion."

She last protested downtown when former President Donald Trump was elected.

"This is the next time I guess. He's gone, but we're still paying the price," she said.

Rebecca Green
Ali Falcone planned to protest Saturday as well.

Ali Falcone is a master's of social work student, as well as a school teacher. She came downtown to represent body autonomy and said she was devastated by the decision.

"I mean, I didn't think we could go back in history. We have like evidence from history that this will not work," Falcone said. "It will just promote violence against women and unsafe abortions."

She planned to attend again on Saturday.

Prior to the birth of her son, Falcone said she had a medically-necessary abortion.

"I had a planned pregnancy and at 17-weeks, my baby was diagnosed with spinal bifida," she said. "His quality of life would not have been good and even though it was a very hard choice to make, I chose to ethically terminate the pregnancy along with my partner and my doctor. And then I had my son. I recently two weeks ago got my tubes taken out just in time for this.

"I don't want the world to turn to Handmaid's Tale," she said.

Indiana is likely to cut off access to abortion via special legislative session in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling.

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