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IU Bloomington counts increase in reported rapes

Image from a 2018 protest at Indiana University Bloomington.
Image from a 2018 protest at Indiana University Bloomington.

So far, Indiana University Bloomington Police has recorded 24 rape reports for the 2022-2023 academic year.

That already matches the count from the previous year and exceeds the number of reports from each of the last six years.

Reports of sexual assault have been on the rise at colleges and universities since 2009, though they declined during the pandemic when more classes moved online.

In 2020, Indiana University Police say they received 22 rape reports, three more than the year before.

IU’s director of the office for sexual violence prevention Sally Thomas said these numbers are still underreported and the increase doesn’t necessarily mean more rapes are occurring.

She says more students are coming to her office seeking services.

“So it makes sense that more people that work with us, will end up reporting to the police as well, just because we do a lot of helping them understand what the process looks like.”

Thomas said her office will not pressure anyone to report but wants people to understand what options and supports they have available.

"So now that we are seeing this increase in students wanting action taken giving reports, I think universities should lean into that, and collect feedback.”

She said her office received funding for two new positions last year, a prevention coordinator and confidential advocate.

According to the End Rape on Campus Tracker, IU Bloomington has had 68 rapes reported on campus in the last three years. Purdue has had 70. Ball State has had 36.