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Women are Building Creative Community

Stephanie Gottesman & Olivia Lehman

This week, Olivia Lehman shares what led her to create CreativeMornings/Fort Wayne. Her story explores how she found her ideal job working for Water for Good, her journey to becoming a yoga teacher at Pranayoga, and how her experience attending CreativeMornings Indianapolis inspired her to start a chapter here in Fort Wayne.   

We start by sharing some of our mutual experiences studying yoga both on and off the mat, and explore some of the inspiration we draw from its ancient philosophy. She talks about the unique approach CreativeMornings has toward building community, and how the local chapter reflects the values and format of the global community.

She then goes deep into her story of discovering CreativeMornings in Indianapolis, getting inspired to leave a very traditional 9-5 job to hold a much more creative position with Water for Good, moving to Fort Wayne to be with a man she was dating, and then having the relationship fall apart just as she was becoming a yoga teacher. The heartbreak was a huge catalyst for her, and as she started to rebuild her life, she decided to bring her beloved CreativeMornings experience to Fort Wayne. It has rapidly taken off, and now has 100+ attendees to their monthly morning events.

To find out more about CreativeMornings/Fort Wayne, you can visit their websiteFacebookTwitter, and Instagram. Their next event is this coming Friday, 8/9/19, at the Botanical Conservatory. Here’s a link to the event invite.

Click here to learn more about Water for Good.

If you’re interested in practicing yoga with Olivia, you can find her at Pranayoga. Here’s their schedule!

Our musician this week is Jess Flame Thrower, who is working on a new album. You may have seen her perform around town – she gigs weekly, and has been seen opening for Bernie Sanders (twice!). She also played at the first Middle Waves Music Festival. The song she’s sharing is called “Sylvia Plath.” It’s based on an argument she had with an ex, and seperately, a conversation she had with a friend. The recording is from her Fancy Session by ZeroSevenFilms, and will be featured on the album she’s working on. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram for info about upcoming shows.

Special thanks to Steve Tyler and Radiance of Silverbirch Studios for giving us a space to record and helping us sound amazing. Thank you also to Rosalind & the Way for our gorgeous intro music, to Traci Henning-Kolberg for editing out our mistakes and making us sound fantastic.