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WBOI Presents: Misinformation & Dangerous Speech

Janet Badia

The insurrection at the United States Capitol on January 6 provided a starting point for many conversations about white supremacy, toxic masculinity, and misinformation. We’ll hear a panel discussion from faculty and staff at Purdue University Fort Wayne looking at how misinformation is spread and can lead to violence. 

This conversation was recorded in the aftermath of not only the events of January 6, but also a stickering of the Purdue University Fort Wayne Campus by the far-right group Patriot Front. The moderator for the panel was Ann Marshall, Information Services & Instruction Librarian at Purdue University Fort Wayne.

Panelists include:

Janet Badia, Professor & Director of the Women’s Studies Program at Purdue University Fort Wayne

Steve Carr, Professor of Communication & Director of the Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Purdue University Fort Wayne


Chris Erickson, Associate Professor of History at Purdue University Fort Wayne


Erika Mann, Director of Digital Initiatives & Scholarship at Helmke Library at Purdue University 


Special thanks to Ann Marshall and all of the panelists for making this program possible. Our music is by Mark Waldick, Noah Campodonico, Kurt Roembke, and Hope Arthur. Our web producer is Loyal Vandenburg. Our production assistants are Monica Blankenship, Steve Mullaney, and Sydney Wagner.

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