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Gregg unveils Hoosier product export plan

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg Thursday unveiled an eight-point plan aimed at increasing the state’s total exports by 50% in five years.

Gregg applauded the work of Gov. Mitch Daniels in expanding Indiana’s global presence and says as governor, his policies would further that work. 

They include coordinating statewide export strategies, developing tax incentives for Hoosier businesses that export at least 75% of their products and creating an export innovation fund that would provide money to trade associations and private businesses.

“Coming up with a strategy that promotes and identifies Hoosier products…Hoosier as a brand internationally,” Gregg said. “And let me tell you, if you can brand a mustache in a political campaign, we can brand Hoosier products around the world.”

Gregg says he also wants to build a Midwest trade alliance in which neighboring states coordinate trade missions and efforts.

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