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Senate candidates prepare for debate

GOP Senate hopeful Richard Mourdock says he doesn’t think the upcoming Senate debates will get nearly as many viewers as his debate with Senator Richard Lugar in the Republican primary.  But with the race among the closest in the state, it’s possible there could be more interest than he realizes. 

Several polls in recent weeks all show Mourdock and Democratic opponent Joe Donnelly within just a few percentage points of each other in the race. 

Mourdock says he hopes the debates will garner enough attention to have an impact on the campaign.

“Our objective is to, quite simply, point out the contrasts between the Obama-Reid-Donnelly record, all those votes they’ve cast together, that synchronization, if you will, of who they are versus the things that I stand for,” Mourdock said.

Donnelly says he looks at the debates as a job interview.

“We have to show that we value the opportunity, that this is a big responsibility and that these are moments to talk to our friends,” Donnelly said.

For his part, Horning says not enough people will watch the debate in the first place.

“I wish more people would be watching but a lot of the people who watch are just cheering on their guy,” Horning said, “and they’re not looking to get their minds changed and they will defend the indefensible.”

Still, he hopes he can reach voters and show them there’s a candidate who can change the status quo.

You can hear the first senatorial debate between Mourdock, Donnelly and Horning Monday night at 7:00 p.m. on 89.1 FM, WBOI.

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