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Governor's portrait unveiled

Brandon Smith
Indiana Public Broadcasting

As Governor Mitch Daniels’ official portrait was unveiled Tuesday, he says he hopes the accomplishments of his administration will far outlast Hoosiers’ memory of him.

The portrait shows Daniels standing in his office, without a suit coat, leaning against a chair and holding a pen in his hand.  Lafayette native Richard Halstead, one of 43 applicants, was commissioned by the Indiana State Museum to paint it. 

Halstead says Daniels had only one request – that the painting not be artificial or unnatural.

“That was in keeping with the comments I heard from others who emphasized his genuineness and his authenticity,” Halstead said. “So it seemed natural and appropriate that the portrait should be based on that particular foundation.”

Daniels used the unveiling to reflect and says he wants people to remember his administration as creating big changes.

“I hope that long after anybody can name the person in that picture, young people of today and those who were adults when it happened will look back and say, ‘This was a time of action and turning a corner in Indiana,’” Daniels said.

The Indiana Governors' Portraits Collection now totals 53 works, most of which are in offices around the Statehouse.