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Sixteen Candidates Vy for Fort Wayne At-Large Seats

Wikimedia Commons

The biggest pool of candidates in the Fort Wayne municipal primaries comes in the race for three at-large positions on the Fort Wayne City Council.

The at-large race for city council includes a whopping sixteen candidates vying for a total of six nominations. That includes seven candidates for the Republicans and nine for the Democrats.

The race is made even more interesting because two of the three available at-large seats will be vacant, meaning lots of new faces are vying to represent the residents of Fort Wayne.

The race is wide open, according to Andy Downs at the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at IPFW. And he says that means candidates may be thinking of creative ways to get voters to put a check by their name.

"Now candidates start thinking about what to do in terms of being everyone's second or third favorite choice, or engaging in some of that strategic voting -- getting people to bullet vote just for you," Downs says. "But there are, legitimately, four folks in each primary who could walk out with the nomination."

The large number of candidates also means each one only needs to get a small percent of the vote to win a nomination, making each vote, and each voter crucial in deciding who will appear in the November general election.

Voters can cast their primary ballots May 5th.

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