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WBOI Presents: Brexit


This week on WBOI Presents, we are hopping the pond to try to come to a better understanding of Brexit.

Andy Downs, Director of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics, moderated a panel discussion this week to help figure out how we got here. Why the did the referendum to leave the EU pass in the first place? Where did the Brexiteers go after a planned exit date was set, and how could a British exit from the European Union impact the United States? We'll answer those questions and more on WBOI Presents.

This panel discussion was recoreded at Purdue Fort Wayne. The panelists include:

Ann Livschiz, Associate Professor of History at Purdue Fort Wayne

Craig Ortsey, Instructor of Political Science at Purdue Fort Wayne

James Toole, Associate Professor of Political Science at Purdue Fort Wayne


Special thanks to CollegeTV for providing the audio for this program. Our theme music is by Mark Waldick and Noah Campodonico. Our WBOI intern is Brandon Williams. Thank you for listening.