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Some New 2019 Laws Not Yet In Effect

Brandon Smith
IPB News

While most new Indiana laws took effect July 1, there are still a few that aren’t yet being enforced.

Indiana will now have a fund for innocent people who’ve been wrongfully incarcerated. It will pay them $50,000  for each year they were behind bars. But if they take the money, they can’t sue the state. The measure takes effect Nov. 1, to give the state time to set up the infrastructure.

Similarly, sports wagering won’t be legal until Sept. 1 because lawmakers want to give the Indiana Gaming Commission time to establish rules and regulations. Sports wagering will be allowed at casinos, as well as via mobile and online bets. But the Commission says the mobile portion might not be ready to go by September.

And beginning next year – July 1, 2020 – Hoosiers applying for a five-year handgun licensewill no longer have to pay a fee. Some law enforcement agencies worry about that change, because some of that money goes to them.