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Indiana Loses In Federal Court, Again, Over 2017 Anti-Abortion Law

Brandon Smith
IPB News

Indiana lost in federal appeals court – again – over a 2017 anti-abortion law.

The measure in question allows a judge to tell an underage person’s parents that they’re asking the court to waive the state’s parental consent requirement for an abortion.

Proponents of the law argued it will help ensure the parents are involved in the decision. But Planned Parenthood said it would prevent the underage person from trying to get an abortion at all, thus violating their constitutional rights.

A federal district court and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Planned Parenthood. The state continued appealing the case, up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The nation’s high court sent the case back to the appellate level, telling the 7th Circuit last year to re-examine the issue after a 2020 Supreme Court decision striking down a Louisiana anti-abortion law.

In a decision issued Friday, the 7th Circuit took another look and came to the same conclusion: Indiana’s law is unconstitutional.

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