Hamburg Muralist Makes Holes In City's Arts Scene

Jun 7, 2019

1010's mural perfectly complements the nine existing installations in the alleyway network, says Alex Hall, project coordinator.
Credit Courtesy/Art This Way

As of last Monday morning, thanks to Fort Wayne's Art This Way program, there's a brand new mural on the downtown arts scene by Hamburg's internationally acclaimed muralist known as 1010.

Known for his enigmatic, portal-like street art illusions, which he calls "holes on the walls," 1010's works can be found around the world in Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Warsaw, Varese, Panama City, Delhi, Miami, Detroit and more.

A view of the completed mural from the alley wall of the Lebamoff Law Offices, off 918 South Calhoun Street.
Credit Courtesy/Greater Fort Wayne, Inc.

His most recent work was installed over a three day period on the north wall of 918 South Calhoun Street, with the help of Josef Zimmerman, Adjunct Curator at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and is the 10th installation within the Downtown Improvement District's Alleyway Activation Project network.

Art This Way will be announcing the artist for its next mural project in mid to late June, which will be installed on the west wall of the Parking Garage at 840 South Calhoun.

A 3rd potential project is in the works for 2019, also a mural installation.

As the last coat of paint on 1010's mural was drying, WBOI's Julia meek ushered him, and program coordinator, Alex Hall, into the studio to talk about what theĀ  piece he's leaving with us means to our community and 1010's passion for his craft.

You can connect with and learn more about Art This Way on its Facebook page.