The Trap Door: Comes Out

Jun 27, 2018

This week on WBOI Presents, we bring you the sounds and stories from an event held on June 1 to celebrate Pride Month. The Trap Door: Comes Out is a storytelling showcase. Throughout the five stories, we'll hear from Columbia City and Fort Wayne natives as well as two stories from women who relocated to northeast Indiana.

The Trap Door: Comes Out was hosted by Wunderkammer Company. Special thanks to Ben Larson, Courtney Heiser, John Cheesebrew, and Becca Bell for making this show possible.

The first speaker of the event was Sarah Zack. Zack's coming out story led her from the state of Florida to Fort Wayne, even after her mom warned her there is winter in Indiana.

The second storyteller was Aaron Speith. Speith's coming out story began in grade school, when a bully pointed at him and shouted, "You are gay!"

The third storyteller at Trap Door: Comes Out was Amber Kessler Freer. Kessler Freer's coming out story happened live on the stage at Wunderkammer. She was followed by Julia Carter. Carter's struggle to come out referenced more than a few ninties stereotypes along the way.

The final storyteller was Brandon Blaettner, though a better introduction would be Miss Della Licious.

Our theme music is by Lucas Norton. Additional music is provided by Nortrecord and Mark Waldick. Special thanks to WBOI Intern Carolynn Stouder for editing this episode.