The Trap Door: Two-Year Anniversary Celebration

Dec 27, 2018

This week on WBOI Presents, we bring you The Trap Door: Two-Year Anniversary Celebration. In the four stories still to come, we'll hear about misunderstanding words, moments that last a lifetime, how a backpacking trip took a turn for the crazy, and some wagging tales.

The Trap Door: Two-Year Anniversary Celebration was hosted by Bird & Cleaver on Wells Street. Special thanks to Ben Larson, Courtney Heiser, John Cheesebrew, and Becca Bell for making this show possible.


The first speaker of the event was Adrienne Grimm. Grimm grew up in the country and had a habit of bringing home small animals, perhaps including ones she didn't know by name.

It's hard to tell of happiness, but the next speaker from the Trap Door's Two-Year Anniversary Celebration did so quite well.

The third storyteller of the night was Mark Lahey, telling the Trap Door audience about the daughter he never had.

The last speaker of the night was Sarah Ellsworth-Hoffman. What started out as a backpacking trip through Michigan's Upper Peninsula to celebrate her husband's birthday, took a turn for the crazy in this final tale of the event.

Thank you for supporting WBOI Presents on 89.1 WBOI. Our theme music is by Lucas Norton and Nortrecord. The Trap Door's next storytelling showcase is coming in January of 2019.