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Local Legend Speaks Out On Current Creepy Aspects Of Clowning Around

Creepy Clowns are everywhere, and Adrian Guenther, formerly Happy the Hobo, is "very put off by the whole thing."
Credit Courtesy/Adrian Guenther
Adrian Guenther, in Happy the Hobo mode, ready for clowning around at "Happy's Place."

With Halloween on the horizon, Creepy Clown sightings are putting a damper on the celebration, nationwide.

Credit Courtesy/Adrian Guenther
Guenther, here in civilian attire, continues to hone his juggling skills, and add to what he calls his "bourgeois repertoire."

For a look at what this means to the public and the clown community alike, WBOI's Julia Meek decided to meet with Adrian Guenther, final portrayer of WFFT's Happy the Hobo.

Inspired by original show host, Mike Fry,  Guenther perfected and performed his own juggling clown shtick every weekday afternoon on "Happy's Place," through 1997, and here, he discusses the evolution and impact of this creepy behavior, and how the fine art of "clowning around" has changed.

 Adrian Guenther is currently an 89.1 WBOI Board Member.

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