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To WBOI's Freeform Radio Show Host, Its All About The Burnt Toast

Andy Laverghetta
Life, according to WBOI's Burnt Toast show host, Todd Harrold, is all about making and sharing music.

WBOI's Burnt Toast Show is an eclectic mix of great, non-mainstream musical styles and genres, modeled after freeform radio shows of the '60s and '70s.

It's on the menu every Sunday night from 8:00 to 11:00, served up live by volunteer show host, Todd Harrold.

A full time musician, and music teacher here in Fort Wayne, Harrold is gratified to be doing "exactly what he wants to do," and feels that he's been training his whole life for this very purpose.

WBOI's Julia Meek, as part of her ongoing "Behind the Mic" series, invited him into the studio to discuss where his passion for music all began, and how sharing it in this fashion satisfies his own musical appetite.

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