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Hometown Is Setting For Horror Filmmaker's Debut Movie

Credit Tiffany Street
Now living in California, Pennycoff enjoys the opportunity to gather his film crew in Fort Wayne, and make his dream a reality.

Fort Wayne natives, Eric Pennycoff and Scott Smith have been good friends, and self-proclaimed horror movie addicts since they were teenagers.

Now that genre has reunited the two, right in their hometown, working together as director, and associate producer to shoot Pennycoff's debut film, "Sadistic Intent."

Credit Tiffany Street
Smith's local connections provided the film crew with housing, and a variety of shooting locations

Filming here in the city is an efficient and affordable way to produce a first film, they note, and provides a definite "Midwestern Gothic" flavor to the movie's look and feel.

The filming is expected to be completed this month.

Earlier this week, WBOI's Julia Meek coaxed the pair away from the set and into the studio, to discuss their passion for the genre, the art of their craft, and the local film scene.

To find out more about the film, "Sadistic Intent," visit its Facebook page.

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