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Fort Wayne Writer Catches Inspiration From Bourdain's Old Stomping Ground

Credit Courtesy/Johnny Commorato
Commorato loves the thrill of performing his work for a live audience, as well as sharing it on the printed page.

Fort Wayne writer and freelance multi-media artist Johnny Commorato is always on the lookout for a random act of inspiration, and his recent trip to New York City proved to be a fertile source.

For an insight on his passions and methods, as well as how he applies them, WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with Commorato last week to learn how an incident that took place in front of Anthony Bourdain's old restaurant haunt, Brasserie Les Halles, evolved into a compelling story, and how he chooses to share it.

You can connect with Johnny Commorato and follow his writing projects on his Facebook page.

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