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Club Room's Jazz Sessions Quenching Summer's Sizzle

Credit Courtesy/Clyde Theatre
Courtesy/Clyde Theatre
Alicia and Gregg are thrilled to offer this free live and local entertainment to the city's music lovers.

If you're looking for some cool music on these hot summer nights, the Club Room at the Clyde is hosting Summer Jazz Sessions every Wednesday evening through August.

As a complement to the Clyde Theatre, a large venue on the city's south side designed to feature national touring acts, its new Club Room offers the community a chance to enjoy local musicians in an intimate setting, complete with signature cocktails and a unique dining menu.

Last week, WBOI's Julia Meek invited its executive manager, Gregg Coyle, and Alicia Pyle, series curator, into the studio to discuss this new music space within the Clyde complex and what it's adding to the local music scene.

Event Information:

Summer Jazz Nights Sessions @ The Club Room at the Clyde, Fort Wayne
Wednesday nights through August, 2019
8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

For more information about the sessions, visit the Club Room's website.

For more information about performing at the sessions, visit PyleStyle events.

A Fort Wayne native, Julia is a radio host, graphic artist, and community volunteer, who has contributed to NIPR both on- and off-air for forty years. Besides being WBOI's arts & culture reporter, she currently co-produces and hosts Folktales and Meet the Music.
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