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Closing the Social Distance With Quarantunes

Credit Courtesy/Debutants

Due to the current venue closures, musicians everwhere are seeking performance alternatives and locally, Debutants were one of the first bands to launch a livestream series.

Known for their multi-instrumental range of genres and playing styles, especially of the Indiana Newgrass variety, the group holds the importance of music making in high regard and they have been regularly been sharing their work over social media since this project was launched just about a year ago.

For a look at the format's practicality as well as its appeal, WBOI's Julia Meek talked with band co-founder, Lynn Nicholson, to learn just what their Friday Night Quarantunes are all about.

  Event Information:

Debutants' Friday Night Quarantunes Sessions via Facebook
Every Friday at 9:00 p.m.

You can connect with the band and its Quaranstreams at Debutants Facebook page.

A Fort Wayne native, Julia is a radio host, graphic artist, and community volunteer, who has contributed to NIPR both on- and off-air for forty years. Besides being WBOI's arts & culture reporter, she currently co-produces and hosts Folktales and Meet the Music.
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