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Fort Wayne Company Invests In Riverfront Amphitheater For Naming Rights

Fort Wayne-based Ambassador Enterprises announced they will invest $500,000 in the South Dock Amphitheatre at Riverfront Park, earning them naming rights.

The amphitheater includes large steps to seat 850 people. It will be on the south side of the St. Marys River, between the Wells Street bridge and Harrison Street. The open-air venue could be used for performances, entertainment and sports, according to a press release sent out by Ambassador Enterprises.

The company describes itself as a for-profit, philanthropic equity firm. The president of Ambassador Enterprises, Arlan Friesen, says they want to invest in the development to show their commitment to the region and residents.

“We look forward to seeing Riverfront Park become a gathering place enjoyed by families and friends for generations to come,” Friesen said.

Parks Department Director Al Moll says he’s glad to see community support for downtown development.

“It’s probably one of the more exciting projects that we’ve ever been part of, and we’ve been part of a lot of them.”

The amphitheater will be part of the greater waterfront promenade design that includes open spaces and buildings along the river. Ambassador Enterprises says construction is expected to begin this July and take 18 months.

Moll says there are 16 projects with the possibility for naming rights. Ten of them, including the amphitheater, have already been purchased, but some organizations haven’t made their investment public yet.

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