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WBOI Presents: November News Roundup

Mollie Shutt
Fatima Washington starred in "Sister Act" this past month.

Every month, the news team at 89.1 WBOI covers events in northeast Indiana and around the state. November was a busy month and there was much to discuss. Enjoy!

Show Intro

Part One

An update on city projects (00:25), Indiana Public Broadcasting's Brandon Smith joins us for a conversation about elections and what the General Assembly has on the calendar in 2018 (05:29).


Credit Ben Clemmer
Nicki Meier & Maria Hogle outside the WBOI Studio

Part Two

Fatima Washington visits the studio to talk about Sister Act and future projects (00:14), WBOI's Araceli Gomez-Aldana speaks with John Sheehan about college resources for those with autism (08:54), Nicki Meier and Maria Hogle from the Fort Wayne Center for Nonviolence discuss their work and their education in the IPFW Women's Studies Program (15:15).


Part Three

Julia Meek speaks with Patty Griest and Sarah Savage from First Pres Gallery (00:00) the full interview can be heard here:

Nick Janzen provides an environmental update and the rest of the news team wishes him all the best in the next chapter of his life (06:14).


Our music is by Mark Waldick.