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Northwest Allen County Schools Prepare For Enrollment Increases


Northwest Allen County Schools are experiencing a growth in student enrollment. As a result, the board of school trustees took preliminary measures to build a new elementary school to accommodate students. 

The last time the district built an elementary school was in 2009. Since then, the school district has gained almost 500 elementary students.

This year Huntertown Elementary School reached capacity and is currently using two portable classrooms. Cedar Canyon, Eel River and Oak View Elementary Schools are at enrollment capacity.

At the last public hearing, the board of school trustees unanimously voted to move forward with the decision to build the elementary school.

Superintendent Chris Himsel said a recent demographics study showed the district’s enrollment numbers will continue to grow.

The project includes an estimated $31 million for the cost of the new building, plus $3 million for new security measures for all district schools.

“We will be ending the debt at the same time that we will be beginning the new debt and so the impact of the taxpayer is that rate should be unchanged or possibly lower than it is today,” added Himsel.

It’s likely some homeowners in the school district will see a tax increase.

Superintendent Himsel says he hopes the elementary school will be ready by 2020. The demographics study estimates the district will see an increase of almost 250 students by the time they open the new school.