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WBOI Presents: August News Roundup 2019

Zach Bernard

Our August News Roundup on WBOI Presents features election analysis, a look at a new downtown attraction and conversations with reporters from around the state. 

For many years, Labor Day weekend meant the unofficial start of the campaign season for elections. But no longer, due to early voting. We’ll be diving deeper into election coverage over the next few monthly roundups, beginning today with analysis from Andy Downs of the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics and WBOI’s own Zach Bernard. Zach began our conversation with a look at our local mayor’s race.

You can send any election questions you might have to news@nipr.fm. As we continue our coverage throughout our region, we’ll also be looking ahead to 2020. What information do you need, what questions can we help to answer? Tell us by joining 89.1 WBOI and Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Indiana 2020 Two-Way. Find us on Facebook or text the word elections to 73224.

Through the Indiana Public Broadcasting network, we hear from reporters around the state on 89.1 WBOI. For our August News Roundup, we’re going to dig a little deeper into a story we heard this month out of Bloomington. The community’s farmer’s market has been at the center of a controversy concerning a vendor at the market with alleged ties to a white surpemacist organization. Ben Clemmer spoke with Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Barbara Brosher.

Indiana Public Broadcasting's Barbara Brosher updates WBOI's Ben Clemmer on the situation at Bloomington Farmer's Market.

Credit Courtesy Noblesville Schools

More and more states are requiring schools to hold active shooter drills. But some parents and mental health experts worry these drills may do more harm than good for students. Lee Gaines reports for Side Effects Public Media.

Lee Gaines from Side Effects Public Media reports on the impact active shooter drills have on students' mental health.

Credit John Hartman
WBOI has partnered with Fort Wayne Community Schools and The University of Saint Francis for New Generation Media.
WBOI Programming Director Katy Anderson tells Ben Clemmer about New Generation Media.

WBOI is partnering with Fort Wayne Community Schools and the University of Saint Francis in New Generation Media to teach local high school students more about audio journalism. This pilot program got underway last month, and we will be sharing their stories throughout the course of the semester.

The Promenade Park at Fort Wayne’s riverfront finally celebrated its grand opening on the weekend of August 9. The opening weekend of the park featured live performances and showcases of the park, an occasion celebrating a project more than five years in the making. WBOI’s Zach Bernard was able to tour the park prior to its grand opening.

WBOI's Zach Bernard takes listeners on a journey through Promenade Park

WBOI's Zach Bernard then provided updates on the latest in city council and government.

Zach Bernard and Ben Clemmer discuss the latest measure to come before Fort Wayne City Council


Credit Jill Sheridan / IPB News
IPB News

For people with serious mental illness, reintegrating into the community can be difficult.  In Indiana, one model of rehabilitation that can help is being more actively offered directly to veterans. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Jill Sheridan reported that these community-based services can help vets get back to life.

Indiana Public Broadcasting's Jill Sheridan reports on a VA clubhouse partnership to offer community based resources.

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is teaming up with Purdue Fort Wayne's Community Research Institute on a project to establish a Women's Fund. The last report on the status of women locally was released in 1974 to guide the development of what became the Fort Wayne Women's Bureau. Last month, WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with Alison Gerardot and Rachel Blackman to talk about the scope of the project, its time frame, and the impact it could make on the community.

WBOI's Julia Meek spoke with Ben Clemmer about public art and an upcoming live Meet The Music broadcast.

Julia Meek joined Ben Clemmer in the studio to discuss what has been happening throughout our region in regards to the art world. They also discussed an upcoming Meet The Music concert that will be at the Club Room at the Clyde.  

Our music is by Mark Waldick and Noah Campodonico. Our web producer is Loyal Vandenburg.