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WBOI Presents: October News Roundup 2019

Sharon Tucker For Council; Michelle Chambers For City Council; Dave Rosenthal, Side Effects Public Media

While the October News Roundup will focus on expanding stories we aired during the month of October, we began our program with a deep dive into the results of the 2019 municipal election. Held on Nov. 5, the day before our roundup aired, we looked at Fort Wayne races and a number of races in the area's largest municipalities.

Credit Andrew Downs /Purdue University Fort Wayne

Andy Downs from the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics at Purdue Fort Wayne joined us to talk about the Fort Wayne mayoral race, changes to Fort Wayne City Council, and the impact of early voting. 

We then talked about the municipal races in area cities: Bluffton, Huntington, Angola, Auburn and New Haven.


Credit Lauren Chapman / IPB News
IPB News

Indiana Public Broadcasting's education reporter Jeanie Lindsay talked to WBOI's Ben Clemmer about education referenda that were on the ballots throughout the state. 

WBOI's Ben Clemmer talks with IPB's Jeanie Lindsay about the education referenda on the 2019 ballot.

Credit Brandon Smith / IPB News
IPB News

Moving back into the month of October, WBOI News Director Rebecca Green spoke with IPB's Brandon Smith, who spent a week covering the disciplinary hearingfor Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

The Republican has been fighting allegations of sexual misconduct for about six months, and has resisted calls to resign.

IPB's Brandon Smith breaks down the disciplinary hearings into Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill.

Credit Rebecca Green/WBOI News

WBOI reporter and host Zach Bernard spoke with WBOI host and producer Ben Clemmer about the other news coming out of municipal government, beyond the election.

WBOI's Zach Bernard and Ben Clemmer talked about the non-election news coming out Fort Wayne City Hall.

Credit Image by Pete Linforth / Pixabay

In October, Manchester University announced the creation of a new master's degree program in nutrigenomics: the science of genetics and nutrition. WBOI spoke with Manchester University Professor Teresa Beam, the chair of the pharmaceutical department, about the program and what makes it unique.

WBOI's Rebecca Green learned more about Manchester University's new master's program.

Credit Side Effects
SICK is a new podcast from the health reporting initiative Side Effects Public Media at WFYI in Indianapolis.

WBOI regularly plays stories from Side Effects Public Media, a health news initiative based out of WFYI in Indianapolis. Side Effects is offering a new podcast called "Sick." WBOI's Ben Clemmer spoke with hosts of the podcast, Jake Harper and Lauren Bavis, about the program's first season.

WBOI's Ben Clemmer spoke with the hosts of Side Effects' new podcast: Sick.

We also heard from WBOI's Julia Meek, reairing her interview with Fort Wayne musician Kurt Roembke about his new mobile app.