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Parkview Health to partner with Garrett-Keyser-Buttler school district to offer extensive virtual office visits


Parkview Health is partnering with Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community School District to offer virtual office visits to students.

The project has been in planning since 2019, but is ready to roll out to students of the small DeKalb County school district in hopes to make diagnostics and treatments easier, without having to leave campus.

Brandy Fey is the manager of Parkview’s virtual health services. She said, as a parent, getting the call that your child is sick can lead to extra levels of stress about finding a place to go for care and getting time off work.

“So, really, it was about removing those barriers and inefficiencies in bringing the healthcare to the students,” Fey said.

Parkview is providing the school clinic with a virtual exam kit that will share real time diagnostics with the health provider through a video visit. There, the provider can virtually evaluate students and offer treatment for common conditions.

Fey said the goal for the project is to see how it works at this district and expand to other schools in the future.

Ella Abbott is a multimedia reporter for 89.1 WBOI. She is a strong believer in the ways audio storytelling can engage an audience and create a sensory experience.