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Northwest Allen County Schools superintendent to retire after more than a decade

The Northwest Allen County Schools Board voted unanimously to accept Superintendent Chris Himsel’s retirement at the board’s meeting Monday.

Himsel has been on medical leave since December. The board appointed former NACS superintendent Steve Yager as interim superintendent at the end of January.

Last week, the board released the agenda for Monday’s meeting, which included a line item for Himsel’s retirement.

Himsel will remain on medical leave, using accrued sick days, until June 30, at which point the board may appoint a new superintendent.

They may continue to appoint temporary superintendents until June 30, but can begin looking for Himsel’s replacement immediately.

Himsel has served as superintendent of NACS for 12 years and began his career as a math teacher in 1989.

In a statement released by the NACS board Monday, president Ron Felger said Himsel “has done an excellent job as superintendent.”

Find Himsel’s full retirement agreement below:

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