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Fort Wayne inches toward breaking Jan. 25 snowfall record set by '78 blizzard

Ella Abbott
Snow began early Wednesday morning and continued throughout the day on Jan. 25.

According to the National Weather Service of Northeast Indiana, as of noon, Wednesday’s snowfall is less than an inch away from breaking the record set for daily snowfall on Jan. 25.

The record was set back in 1978, when the first day of a blizzard hit Fort Wayne. It was the first time the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning for the state of Indiana and, by the time snow stopped falling on Jan. 26, a little over 10 inches had fallen.

On Jan. 25, 1978, the daily snowfall was recorded as 5.4 inches. Today, Jan. 25, 2023, 5.3 inches of snow have fallen – and right now snow continues to fall in Fort Wayne.

If 0.1 more inches of snowfall is recorded before days end, Fort Wayne will break that record for Jan. 25.

According to the National Weather Service, the most daily snowfall ever recorded was 12.6 inches on March 10, 1964.

On Feb. 15, 2021, Fort Wayne came close to breaking that record with 10.1 inches of snowfall in one day.

Ella Abbott is a multimedia reporter for 89.1 WBOI. She is a strong believer in the ways audio storytelling can engage an audience and create a sensory experience.